Kerry O'Brien Without Pain

About Me

A long list of physical insults (horseback, motorcyle and auto accidents as well as years as a professional bass player) resulted in severe chronic neck and back pain that began in my twenties. As orthopedists and chirporactors washed their hands of me, life forced me to alternative healing and bodywork, which then took me to deeper explorations of movement and biomechanics. My passion includes hands on work and conscious movement, which has led over the years to a multitude of interdisciplinary certifications.

Other passions are photgraphy, travel, wilderness and wildlife. My bodywork has expanded to include equines. I am a proud owner of a recently gathered Wyoming mustang who is an incredible teacher. (You can read her story at fate would have it, the universe sent me a horse that needs bodywork and movement re-education! I recently completed the first phase of the Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Bodywork.

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